Jan. 25, 2022

More IS Better: Multiple Opportunities To Demonstrate Learning - E076

More IS Better: Multiple Opportunities To Demonstrate Learning - E076

This week, we are talking about the idea of having multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate learning. We're curious as to why the one-and-done mentality still persists in education these days and how we might begin to address resistance and shift mindsets and culture to a system that values learning over grades.

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  • One-and-done vs multiple chances mentality
  • Mastery-based grading and MCP needs the opportunity for multiple attempts to demonstrate learning
  • We still see a lot of "I teach it once, then we move on" or "you only get one chance"
  • Our job is to educate/teach - it's about learning and the learning process
  • All students CAN succeed and everyone learns at different paces
  • Disconnect between reality of learning and the real world - in the real world, there are plenty of examples of multiple opportunities
  • Focus on student learning and try, fail, learn mentality (not all students are university-bound)
  • This year is tough, lots of stress around academics, grading, safety, etc
  • This year will teach us the lessons that we need to take forward
  • Grading is one of the areas of teaching that we still have control over; this is why conversations around grading practices are challenging
  • Strategies/Ideas to shift mindsets and culture:
    • Begin with conversations
    • Have a clear idea of your WHY
    • Don't take things personally
    • Reach out to those willing and open to new ideas (focus on your innovators & early adopters first)
    • Give space for thinking and processing
    • Answer questions (consider an FAQ doc for yourself)
    • Keep in mind - lots of people need proof of concept FIRST
    • Lead by example and get in the weeds!
    • Have a game plan/big picture idea

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