May 17, 2022

Looking Forward to September: Excitements, Challenges, and Worries - E089

Looking Forward to September: Excitements, Challenges, and Worries - E089

This week, we are reflecting on our excitements, challenges, and worries as we think forward to the new school year in September. We're chatting all about our latest projects and how we're implementing them into our classrooms in the fall as well as some of the struggles we have had so far with this process.

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  • Rachel is heading back to the classroom in September!
  • New Ontario Grade 9 de-streamed science curriculum
  • The students are what makes the job - we both love the classroom and building relationships with our students
  • Katie - Building a mastery-based and de-streamed approach to the ESL program at her school with a project-based learning focus
  • Rachel - Grade 9 science with a mastery-based, gradeless, and project-based approach (engineering, sustainability, and interdependence lenses)
  • Transparency and developing the why is key!
  • Building a team that is all in helps to build the momentum (look for folks who want to try new things and are willing to put in a bit of extra time)
  • Big struggle currently - lack of time and release time, common lunches can help
  • Balance between being innovative and not burning out
  • Our worries - not being properly prepared, ensuring student success in de-streaming, burning out with change or emotions, returning to past role (Rachel), PD after school hours will continue, no release time, no collaboration
  • Summer PD opportunity: Material Sciences Camp from ASM (lots of locations)
  • Summer - Katie is going on a big camping trip, Rachel is looking at day trips to do
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