March 29, 2022

Leveraging Audio In The Classroom - E083

Leveraging Audio In The Classroom - E083

In this episode, we are talking all about how to leverage audio in the classroom. We'll cover podcasting (of course!) and also so many other ways that we can use audio with our students. Topics include word walls, feedback, audio instructions and more!

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  • Podcasting or Micro Podcasting:
  • Word Walls:
    • Create QR codes on a wall with audio linking in Google Drive
    • Digital options - Google Slides or Google Sheets with auto-translate
  • Instructions:
    • Include audio in digital handouts
  • Adding audio to Google Slides vs Microsoft Powerpoint - both use insert audio, need to upload to Google Drive first
  • Feedback:
    • Benefits - students can hear your tone, levels up buy-in, takes less time than written
  • Goal-Setting, Reflection, Portfolios:
    • Students can create audio to set goals, reflect on feedback
    • Can be a great accommodation for ELLs
  • Written vs Spoken Assignments:
    • Why do we always need to use written? Why not consider adding audio as an option?
    • Scaffold writing - record audio, use voice dictation in Google docs, then revise
  • Peer feedback:
    • Pair it with sentence stems like 2 wishes and 1 star, 3-2-1, etc
  • 1-1 Conferencing:
    • Record for student review
    • Provides evidence of learning
    • Can be a bit awkward at first, but stick with it!
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