Feb. 15, 2022

It's Okay To Be A Corolla - E079

It's Okay To Be A Corolla - E079
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This week, we are getting reflective and talking about the current state of education during this crazy school year. We're covering a range of topics including pandemic teaching and surviving the year, looking at careers outside of education, and the political climate of teaching.

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Featured Content
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  • Tweet #1 from Ebony Thornton - @EThorntonGHS
  • Tweet #2 from Nicholas Ferroni - @NicholasFerroni
  • Are you thinking of leaving education? What brings you joy in teaching?
  • Everyone has the thoughts of "what if I wasn't in education"
  • We need to remove pressure to be perfect, it's ok to be just okay this year
  • Failure is okay and it's ok to be in survival mode
  • Pressure to continue as business as usual this year
  • Shifting learning models, lack of control, and uncertainty about the future contributes to stress and anxiety
  • Mercedes vs Corolla - It's ok to be a Corolla! It's durable and gets you from point A to B
  • Pandemic has forced us to reconsider our priorities - teaching is just a job and teaching doesn't define who you are
  • Building tiny habits outside of education can help - Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Education will never be the same - we need to recognize and embrace this
  • Balance between technology and paper activities is needed
  • Politics - teachers are often vilified (absenteeism, summers off, hours in the classroom)
  • OntEd - contract negotiations before the pandemic has contributed to our stress levels
  • Is the grass really greener on the other side? Or is it just different?
  • Students are the reason why we stay in the classroom
  • You are not alone! Take care of yourself this year! Be the Corolla!

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