June 14, 2022

Hello Summer! Reading, Learning, and Relaxing - E093

Hello Summer! Reading, Learning, and Relaxing - E093

This week, we are chatting all about our reading, learning, and relaxing plans for the summer. It's been a tough year and we are ready for a break! We'll go over some great books to read, summer course that we might be taking (or not taking), and how we plan to recharge ourselves to get ready for the new school year.

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  • Modern Classrooms Project Summer Institute
  • Other professional learning courses (Rachel is taking her Principal's Qualifications... maybe)
  • Building resources/lessons for de-streamed grade 9 science and ESL mastery (consider building templates as a team to reduce the workload)
  • Footgolf in Hamilton, ON
  • Katie is NOT working for the first time in quite a while
  • ASM Materials Education Foundation - Materials Science Camp for Teachers



  • Camping, reading, walking, getting into the right mindset for Sept.
  • Next episode: July 5th, bi-weekly schedule
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