Feb. 1, 2022

Google Tools For Your Mastery-Based Classroom - E077

Google Tools For Your Mastery-Based Classroom - E077

This week, we are diving into the Google Workspace to discuss how you can leverage Google tools for your mastery-based classroom. We've got a lot of great ideas and examples for ways that you can start using Google apps to support mastery learning in your classroom.

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Google Workspace Tools:

  • Docs
  • Slides/Drawings
    • Student-facing resources
    • Great to embed media such as videos, audio
    • Provides a way to chunk learning over docs
    • Individual pacing trackers - consider using the theme builder (master) to lock background images/text in place
    • Gameboard style pacing tracker
    • Shapegrams
  • Jamboard
  • Sheets
  • Calendar
    • Planning and hyperlinking your resources to calendar events
    • Use it for creating a pacing guide
  • Forms
    • Good for SOME of your mastery checks - definitions, knowledge recognition, etc. to leverage self-grading
    • Use as a dropbox with file upload option
    • Consider pulling in all responses into one spreadsheet
    • Reflection and feedback
  • Sites/Classroom
    • Organize your lessons/resources for your students
    • Use individually OR use them both together
  • YouTube
    • Video curation
    • Frees up storage in your Google Drive
    • Not a tool for under 13
    • Embed videos into slides or use Safe Tube
  • Gmail/Chat
    • Backchannel for your classroom
    • Integrate with mail merge add ons for weekly communication with families
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