Aug. 16, 2022

Getting Buy In For Ungrading - E097

Getting Buy In For Ungrading - E097

This week, we are talking all about how to build buy-in for ungrading in your school community. We'll discuss ungrading buy-in strategies for various different stakeholders such as teachers, admin, parents, and most importantly, students. Let's start talking about ungrading!

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  • Start with conversations about grading and grading practices
  • Why aren't traditional grading practices working? 
  • Leverage opportunities informally in your workroom, more formally in department meetings
  • Keep in mind - slow and deliberate changes towards ungrading (it's a spectrum)
  • Many ways to ungrade (mastery, standards-based, feedback, etc)
  • Focus on the feedback and learning over grades
  • Look at printouts of marks for students, rubrics we're using (single point vs 4-level), success criteria, moderated marking
  • Try to find common ground, team dynamics matter
  • Rethinking Letter Grades - Conversation Cards
  • Grades are very personal - Grading for Equity by Joe Feldman
  • Share your own vulnerability
  • Open your classroom space, share your ungrading practices
  • Honour professional judgement
  • Invite colleagues and admin into your classroom
  • Keep your admin in the loop - let them know what you are doing with ungrading and be prepared with a plan


  • Parents are allies - need transparency, clear communication of grading practices
  • Pitch/justify your why of ungrading - send out a newsletter early in the school year
  • Mastery can start a strong parent-teacher relationship
  • Start an FAQ document to share with parents, teachers, admin, etc - post on website, LMS, etc


  • This is the trickiest group to build buy-in!
  • Consider the language you use to talk about grading, assessment, and feedback
  • Expect pushback - this takes a bit of time to learn
  • Involve students in the grading practices
  • Start with having a conversation in general about grading
  • Have them track their progress with a portfolio
  • Build in reflection opportunities
  • Know that emotions can be high - some students might feel anxiety and stress
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