June 28, 2022

From The Archives: The HOW of Ungrading - E071

From The Archives: The HOW of Ungrading - E071

In this blast from the past, we are digging into the HOW of ungrading. In part 2 of this 2 part series, we are talking about different strategies and ideas to get started with ungrading in the classroom. It can feel pretty overwhelming to get started, so tune in to listen to some easy ways to dive into ungrading ideas.

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  • Podcasting - listen to E050 for more info on Podcasting in the Classroom
  • Focus on reflection of learning, process of learning
  • Video - Screencastify/Screencastify Submit
  • Feedback first before grades
  • Involve students in grade determinations (conferencing, interviews)
  • Student self-assessment of traditional tests
  • Rubrics - consider single point rubrics, co-constructed with students
  • Mastery-based grading or minimal grading scales - pass/fail, mastered/getting there/not yet, etc.
  • Portfolio/Blogging - gathering the evidence of learning throughout a course
  • Before each reporting period, consider process letters, conferences, interviews
  • Seek admin support
  • Balance between mastery-based grading and ungrading practices
  • Start with your learning goal and choose strategies that support it
  • Peer-to-peer feedback (scaffolded, sentence stems/frames, start with low stakes)
  • Determining grades via self-, peer-, and teacher-feedback combined
  • Grade-free zones (first 1/3 of your course)
  • Contract grading

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