May 24, 2022

Dropdown Chips in Google Docs - E090

Dropdown Chips in Google Docs - E090
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This week, we are sharing a short reflection on the latest edition to Google Docs - dropdown chips! This new feature has a lot of great applications for the classrooms, including rubrics, student-facing pacing trackers, and so much more.

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  • Google Workspace Updates: Dropdown Chips
  • Looks and feels similar to Notion tools
  • Uses: Mastery-based rubrics, digital grading, tracking ordering, student-facing pacing trackers
  • Dropdown chips are a part of the new Google smart chips 
  • Can copy and paste dropdown chips within a doc or between docs
  • Supports Universal Design for Learning - especially for providing options for executive functions
  • Colours (text and background) can both be customized with hex codes
  • Consider creating a template doc to store all of your custom dropdown chips
  • Add your template doc to your priority tab workspace or starred folder in Google Drive
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