Nov. 9, 2021

Creating Effective Instructional Videos For The Classroom - E067

Creating Effective Instructional Videos For The Classroom - E067

This week, we are discussing the why and how of creating effective instructional videos for your classroom. We'll share some considerations for creating videos, as well as tools you might want to use and tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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  • Personal not professional!
  • Why?
    • Learning in a mastery-based classroom
    • Create a clone of yourself
    • Frees up your time in the classroom to help your students
    • Access to videos anytime, anywhere
    • Helps with absences
  • Considerations
    • Determine your learning goal BEFORE hitting record
    • Keep it targeted to a single learning goal
    • Use your curriculum docs to help with planning - Unit Planning Template
    • Use lots of purposeful visuals and minimize text on your slides
    • Add interactivity - questions, pause and connect -  Screencastify interactive questions in E064
    • Notes - differentiated for support levels needed (freehand, scaffolds, sentence starters, sentence frames, cloze, etc)
    • Provide guiding questions BEFORE watching the video
    • Retrieval practice for note taking
    • Make it personal, include your face and your personality
    • Keep recording time short, 6-9 minutes is ideal and less for elementary
    • Try out animations to control the flow of information
    • Include the big picture and progression
  • Recording Process
    • Create your slides, docs, and plan it all out
    • Collaborate with others and create slide decks as a course team
    • Create an outline for your recording (use speaker notes in Slides)
    • Go for done, not perfect - mistakes are okay!
  • EdTech Tools
    • Presentation Tools: Google Slides, Explain Everything, Prezi, Powerpoint, Keynote,
    • Recording Tools: Meet, Teams, Zoom, Screencastify, Screencast-o-matic, Loom, Flipgrid Shorts (use your screen as your virtual background), Explain Everything, OBS Studio, Quick Time Player
    • Learn the keyboard shortcuts!
    • iPad & Apple pencil - use an external microphone or headset with microphone
    • Above all else, use tools that meet your specific needs!
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