March 22, 2022

Collaborating With Challenging Colleagues - E082

Collaborating With Challenging Colleagues - E082

In this episode, we are tackling a difficult topic - how to collaborate and deal with those challenging colleagues. Let's address the elephant in the room, while we share some tips and strategies to help you move forward. The struggle is real, so let's work on making the most of the situation and find the positive!

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  • Reality: There will always be people who you don't agree with and can be challenging to work with
  • Listening and keeping an open mind - stay in the open or positive space
  • Note-taking strategy - reframe your thinking into "how might we" questions
  • Avoid the shutdown and work on finding solutions
  • Value voice of all of your teammates
  • Asset vs deficit mindset - also applies to staff relationships (E080)
  • Get to know each other and build community with staff
  • Take time to develop norms for discussions/co-planning time/course teams
  • Communication is key - meeting regularly can help
  • Avoid emails, just go talk to the person (tone can be misinterpreted)
  • Try to understand the behaviour behind the action
  • You can only control your actions and reactions
  • Anger is a choice - Tik Tok video
  • Reticular Activating System (RAS) - filter for incoming data; choose to filter for the positive instead of the negative (Focus on the positive)
  • You can't control your initial reactions, but take a second to get curious and move forward
  • Self-care - find something just for you that brings you joy (cardio kickboxing, read a book, go for a walk, cleaning, meditation)
  • Headspace - meditation can help give you a bit of breathing room
  • Find a critical friend - someone you can be totally free to vent without judgement
  • Avoid:
    • Bad mouthing your colleagues
    • Allowing it to impact future interactions
    • Being passive aggressive 
  • Set clear boundaries for yourself
  • Crucial Conversations (book)
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