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Great host

The host of this podcast is amazing- 10/10. Wish she was my mom

Great Experience

Learned a ton and can’t wait for more episodes!

Enjoyable and educational

Enjoyable podcast on current education topics- check it out!

Great info!

The EdCuration team is doing a great job with this podcast!

Fantastic Podcast

Great podcast with great insights about the most innovative learning resources!


This is such a fantastic podcast! Keeps me up to date about new ways to approach my curriculum and the topics are always interesting.

Relevant, Helpful, and Interesting!

Very insightful content that is not only relevant for educators, but also very helpful. Great for ideas on new resources + tools as well!

The best way to find curriculum

This is a great resource for teachers who are trying to find ways to provide an excellent education for their students.

Highly recommend!

Great information and very well done podcast.

Great Resource!

If you want your curriculum to lead, not follow - this is just the resource to stay knowledgeable about the latest tools.

Always Something To Think About

What a cool collection of content about education and curriculum! This podcast is consistently a great source of information I didn’t know I needed; it keeps me up on the new trends and theories in modern education.

Great Resources

Such an awesome way to catch up and find fabulous resources to use in education.

Edcuration has provided a platform for practical and contemporary education information!

Highly recommend-I had an opportunity to be a guest. Kristi is a fantastic interviewer!

Incredibly Interesting

Great conversations! Lots of learning. I look forward to each new program.


Great podcast!

Very Enjoyable

EdCuration covered my product, Codemancer, on their podcast, but I’ve found myself listening to the other episodes just because of how informative and well-presented the show is. Definitely a must-listen for teachers.

Great podcast

Very intelligent podcast with fascinating guests!

Great Topics!

Kristi does amazing work! These topics are so important and you can really get great insights here. So helpful!! I highly recommend this podcast series.

Great content

Love hearing from educators first hand about their experiences.

Wonderfully insightful!!

As a college student and peer tutor, I find EdCuration’s podcast to be such an important listen. Teaching is not just about test scores or the subject being taught - it’s also about connection, empowering students to forms their own opinions, social-emotional health, social change, and so much more. EdCuration recognizes and addresses that exactly as all educators should, and I deeply appreciate that.


Solid podcast! Love the work

Great show

I like the diversity of guests and content discussed each week.

Insight and Inspiration

Very insightful … and inspiration for teachers


Kristi is such a great interviewer! I love her style-she asks great questions, is passionate about education, and easy to listen to! Her guests offer such unique perspectives! Highly recommend!!


Outstanding, thoughtful resource for anyone passionate about education. I learn so much and am consistently inspired. Thank you!

Excellent podcast

EdCuration always puts out excellent materials!

A must for EVERY educator

Excellent podcast

Education Developer

Lovely hearing from such an array of education professionals.

Best Education Podcast!

This is an amazing resource for educators & district leaders. Definitely recommend!

Super helpful!

Great, practical tips for teachers.

Great Podcast

Really interesting interviews and stories on education!

Amazing podcasts

EdCuration weekly podcasts are great for teachers, parents, and anyone that is passionate about the world of education.

Great podcast

Interesting story and helpful for teachers looking for the right resources.

Love the content

Content is always unique and relatable. The host is very welcoming and clearly has a passion for the topics.

Great Show!

Love learning what educators find useful in their schools and classrooms!

EdCuration: Where We Reshape Learning

The weekly EdCuration podcast has excellent production values. The passionate, intelligent host with her wonderful speaking voice brings an energy to every interview and topic. The listener cannot help being engaged and drawn in to the subject matter.