Kayhan Ali: Students Driving Change

As educators and parents, we need to listen more to what students are voicing about education. While I hope to have more students share their thoughts, I’m starting with my guest on this episode, 17-year-old student, Kayhan Ali, who shares important ideas about what’s missing in education today and how a company he’s starting with friends, Dream It Youth, plans to fill in those gaps.  He also lets us in on a huge change in education he would make (a change I have been advocating for extensively) and he gives advice on how other young people can make changes in education and how educators and parents can help them.

After all of that awesomeness, we play a really fun British Prime Ministers version of The 5-Minute Game Show.

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I want to thank my wonderful guest Kayhan Ali and my excellent fauxmercial helpers Tzofiya Bookstein and Tuvia Frankel.

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