Rachel Creeger: How Parents (and Comedians) Can Help Overthrow Education

On this episode, Rachel Creeger, a passionate parent and stand-up comic who has been advocating for better education in the UK, joins me to talk about what makes great learning. We discuss the importance of, cross -curricular and experiential education, integration of art, relationship building, getting rid of standardized test and much more. Rachel also shares insights about the similarities between teaching and doing stand-up, and some great lessons that educators can learn from stand-up comedians. After our interview, Rachel does brilliantly in The 5-Minute Game Show.

Special thanks to my guest, Rachel Creeger, and to Joshua Silverstein from episode 34, because I re-used the fauxmercial that he created for his episode.


Contact info for Rachel:

W: www.rachelcreeger.com F: www.facebook.com/RachelCreegerComedianWriterDirector  T: www.twitter.com/RachCreeger  IG: www.instagram.com/rachcreeger

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