The Wheel of Life with Chrissy Crolly

In this episode, Chrissy Crolly shares an impactful story of resilience and revelation that caused her to make small and big changes in her teaching life for the sake of her health. Chrissy Crolly is a former burned-out elementary school educator who utilized solution-focused coaching to find her passion in supporting other leaders and educators in building systems that support proactive and positive outcomes for all students.

Chrissy wants to encourage you to:

1. Take time to learn strategies that work for you as an individual that supports your whole being - physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

2. Find the person that you can receive feedback from on your practices to support your professional growth - Lean into coaching and mentoring.

3. Understand that life is fluid. There will be times of great flow and success and other times that full of opportunities to learn and grow. And unfortunately, in our lives, there will be hardships and times that we struggle. That is why it is so important to have those strategies, people who can give us productive feedback, and the mentality that we can get through any situation.

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from The Burned-In Teacher Podcast

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