247: Reframing the Apology

This past year has challenged educators to look at education and learning in a new light. Do you find yourself apologizing for how you are implementing your teaching? This podcast episode speaks on our initial reaction to apologize for how we are having to change. Instead, let's reframe and hear about a better way to excite and engage our administration, coworkers, and students.  Tune in!


  • Anxious energy is a form of excitement.
  • Whenever you apologize, it sends the message that whatever you're going to say or do is unimportant or unexciting.
  • Apologizing for the work that we do, that we know is essential to moving forward, is actually having the opposite effect.
  • Why do we apologize? It's a way to connect with the other person/state the obvious/acknowledge their thoughts or feelings.
  • We have to embrace new opportunities...fun exploration, off the beaten path, is honestly where the best memories are made, when we are forced out of our routine and out of our plan.

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