My Top Reasons for Being Grateful to Be a Classroom Teacher Again

In this episode, I share my top reason for being so grateful to be back in the classroom after taking three years to work on Burned-In Teacher full time. I have missed the classroom and most of what comes along with it for some time and I'm laying it all out for you today! I have to admit, I do share a little more than my gratitude for being back in the classroom this year, however. I also share how important it is to make sure that the Burned-In Community is for you. There comes a time in our careers and lives where we have to make a decision to either just listen and watch or to listen, watch, and ACT. I recorded this episode LIVE inside of my Burned-In Teacher Podcast Facebook Community and engage with teachers who are ready for REAL change in their teaching and daily lives. This episode will help you to make your decision between doing things you've always done or doing things you've never done before to go from burned-out teacher to BURNED-IN Teacher. 

from The Burned-In Teacher Podcast

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