#EdTech for Fall '21 - HoET183

#EdTech Thought (4:28)

You need hobbies. Here are the five types of hobbies you should have in your life:

  1. Make money
  2. Keep you in shape
  3. Keep you creative
  4. Build your knowledge
  5. Evolve your mindset

What are your hobbies? Leave a comment below.

Featured Content (11:11)

The following are tech tips and websites you should explore as the 2021 school year gets underway (or anytime).

Just Give It A Try (27:33)

What are you looking forward to trying in the coming months in your classroom or school?

Submit responses by August 27, 2021, by clicking Send a Voicemail on the right of this page.

House of #EdTech VIP (30:03)

from House of #EdTech https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/houseofedtech/HouseofEdTech183.mp3

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