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David Kreizman is an award-winning showrunner, writer, and producer across television and digital media platforms.

David is a co-creator and head writer of the hit middle-grade podcast, "The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel", winner of a Peabody Award and soon to be both a television show and middle-grade book series.

David co-founded Gen-Z Media, where he serves as Chief Creative Officer, overseeing the development and writing of more than a dozen original audio podcasts for families including the Peabody nominated Treasure Island 2020, Becoming Mother Nature, Young Ben Franklin, and the sci-fi serial, Six Minutes, named best tween/teen podcast by Common Sense Media. Gen-Z's podcasts have been downloaded millions of times all over the world and are the gold standard for family-friendly audio drama.

David served as head writer for the long-running daytime drama, Guiding Light, where he led his team to both an Emmy and Writers Guild Award before moving on to be head writer of All My Children, As the World Turns and WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment. His young adult novel, The Year They Fell was released by Macmillan in July.

His podcasts can be found at

Extra Credit
  • Podcasts in the Classroom vs. Podcasts at Home
  • Talk a little about the goals of Gen-Z Media
  • Pop-Culture Influences in Gen-Z Media’s work? 
  • Themes?
  • How can teachers get their classrooms involved?
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