242: Bonus Episode- Interview with Chrissy Beltran

Chrissy Beltran is a resource creator and consultant for instructional coaches and elementary teachers in the area of literacy. With over 17 years of educational experience, Chrissy has worked with students and teachers in grades preK-8, serving them through downloadable resources, online courses, and in-person workshops. Her podcast, Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast shares strategies and ideas with instructional coaches who are working towards growing their schools. Tune in for this special bonus edition episode with Chrissy Beltran.


  • Sometimes to give support, sometimes you have to pull back support.
  • What do we really believe? If we believe it, we need to see it in action in classrooms.
  • Great educators have purpose for their work and they know what their vision of successful students are going to be for each child.
  •  If we can grow in reflection, we can change a teacher's thinking forever.
  • It's ok to change your mind. If you get new information, you need to modify your thinking based on new information.
  • You have to build a bridge from your brain to someone else's brain. Get out there and tell people to try it out.
  • Take the best practices that are being shared and reality that is happening on campuses and build the bridge between the two.
  • Sometimes you have to give students your faith because they don't have it themselves.
  • Teachers can come around and have a new day just like students. Give them the faith.

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