241: Bonus Edition- Interview with Tiffany Wallace

Tiffany is an educator, entrepreneur and goal achievement coach. She helps ambitious, self-motivated women, entrepreneurs & leaders create + achieve meaningful goals without sacrificing their priorities. Tiffany has been leading people for 15+ years. She holds an Education Specialist Degree in Learning, teaching & Curriculum. She has done extensive research on reading fluency & completed her Specialist dissertation & research on what peer coaching looks like & sounds like. Through her research she founded a Collaborative Talk Sequence that empowers educators on an individual and group level to increase teacher motivation, joy, confidence, knowledge & own their unique leader within themselves that carries over into student achievement. For the past 6.5 years, Tiffany has used her education, leadership & coaching experience to empower women from all different backgrounds in work & life through entrepreneurship and growing their own turn-key business. Her Collaborative Talk Sequence allows each individual to step into their influence & is a framework for effective collaboration groups to happen on an education and business level. She believes when you are equipped with the right mindset, strategy, confidence and environment that allows for meaningful & purposeful growth to be ignited from each individual's unique strengths, priorities & beliefs - a ripple effect of impact happens. Tune in for this bonus edition episode with Tiffany Wallace.


  • Collaborative talk structure is taking something to ignite learning, focusing on one thing and tying in a reflection.
  •  Having time to actually talk is a key component so you have time to put things into action.
  • Anytime you are stuck or overwhelmed, take the time to stop and learn to keep yourself motivated.
  • Making teachers feel heard and seen and creating a community where people can learn and fail and keep going is important for a collaborative talk sequence.
  • Focusing is an element that makes teachers great. It transcends into every part of teaching. 
  • If we can help teachers really see their beliefs, we can empower them to not be focused on all the things but to instead focus on the foundational things. 
  • You have to have boundaries with your time and energy as a classroom teacher and mentor. Recognize within yourself that you need to stop and take a breather. 
  • In our minds can make things seem overwhelming, but we have to stop and think about how long it will take to do something really well. 
  • The power of asking questions and listening to the teachers you get to work with and understanding their values is so important to empower everyone at large. 
  • Train yourself to see the light and good to increase your motivation and the energy you are bringing to your students.

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