Sam Kary - Engaging Learning with TPACK, SAMR, and EdTech

Sam Kary of The New EdTech Classroom YouTube Channel and blog joins me to talk about ways to develop engaging instruction, the TPACK and SAMR technology integration models, Actively Learn,,, and more!

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๐Ÿ“ž Today’s Guest: Sam Kary

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๐Ÿค” Educational Duct Tape Question:  How can I develop engaging instruction?

  • One of the most important questions educators can ask.
  • Engagement is the “Skeleton key” that can unlock academic success
  • Classroom engagement has stumped educators for years and led to pervasive myths about what engagement looks like.
  • Superhero teacher myth - We don’t have to have these captivating personalities. However, passion and excitement for a topic/learning can be conveyed.
  • Remote Learning - A national anxiety about student engagement. “Students are not… logging in, completing assignments, sharing online, turning on cameras, etc.”
  • How can we use this moment of disruption and chaos to try and apply some innovative thinking to recreate schools/classrooms to ignite a passion of learning and truly engage students in relevant learning?
  • TPACK & SAMR - Frameworks for Technology Integration
  • Active learning - Students learn best when they get to interact at all times in the lesson. This leads to interactive content!
  • Actively Learn - archive of text-based resources - articles, subject, grade, lexile
    • Free and Paid options
    • From Sam’s New EdTech Classroom - Actively Learn Tutorial for Teachers (
    • Think EdPuzzle but for articles
    • Fully Dynamic Text with accessibility baked into the articles
    • Upload your own content - turn an existing webpage, PDF, or video into interactive content.
    • Insert Multiple-choice, open-ended, poll...
    • Rubrics, align to DOK, align to standards
  • vs. 
  • Other ways to ensure student engagement from Sam:
    • Personalized instruction - ST Math, Prodigy
    • UDL Tools for differentiation
    • Authentic Assessments of Knowledge ie use the 4 C’s, (think Critically, Create, Communication, Collaboration) create vs consume, digital portfolios
    • Gamification - Is not just about games, it is about tracking progress and building upon something you’ve accomplished in the past. It motivates everybody!
    • Variety - We should be exposing students to lots of different tools and programs. That’s what authentically build skills and foundation technology skills and prepare students to be fluidly navigating digital spaces.
    • “Students need to be technologically ambidextrous”

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