Your Burnout Isn't Your Fault But It Is Your Responsibility

I want to be very clear about my beliefs surrounding your burnout experience - your burnout isn't your fault, but it is your responsibility to choose your next steps. My main message here is that in these moments of frustration, overwhelm, and burnout - I believe that you are worthy of making different choices about what you do, what you don't do, and why. In this episode, I share how through a post in The Burned-In Teacher Podcast Facebook Community, I learned that I created a boundary. I learned that when we state what we believe, we may have people who don't agree with us and that's ok. Not everyone is our person and we can't make everyone happy. That's a boundary that I am happy to build for myself. 


For more information and show notes go to't-your-fault-but-it-is-your-responsibility

from The Burned-In Teacher Podcast

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