Hacking teacher burnout with Amber Harper

This week on the podcast we are fortunate enough to be sitting down with Amber Harper to talk about teacher burnout, a very timely topic.  Amber is an educator, author, speaker, Google Certified Trainer, and Teacher Burnout Coach.  She’s the founder of www.burnedinteacher.com, author of Hacking Teacher Burnout and is dedicated to empowering burned-out teachers to believe that they deserve and can achieve a happier and more fulfilled career and life with her 8-step BURNED-IN process.  She also hosts a weekly podcast dedicated to action, inspiration, and support for teachers dealing with teacher burnout called The Burned-In Teacher Podcast.  So as you are in the midst of probably the hardest year of your career, we hope this conversation leaves you feeling supported and seen.

Show and Tell:

Erin: The Target Challenge

Amber: 21 Day Abundance Challenge

Dave: Snapfish - Arctic Fleece Photo Blanket

And don’t forget to connect with Amber at www.burnedinteacher.com and get her books and check out her podcast  The Burned-In Teacher Podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen. 

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