5 Books That Have Nothing To Do With Teaching But Everything To Do With Becoming A Burned-In Teacher

In this episode, I share with you five books that have nothing to do with teaching, but everything to do with beating burnout and becoming a BURNED-IN Teacher. I also share my favorite way to read books so that I can learn as much as I possibly can in the shortest amount of time.

Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.burnedinteacher.com/blog/burned-in-teacher-podcast-episode-99-5-books-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-teaching-but-everything-to-do-with-becoming-a-burned-in-teacher

from The Burned-In Teacher Podcast https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/burnedinteacher/5_Books_That_Have_Nothing_To_Do_With_Teaching_But_Everything_To_Do_With_Becoming_A_Burned-In_Teacher.mp3

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