Transforming pain into clarity

After taking a bit of a break, this week on the podcast we reflect on the events of the last year looking for clarity. We share our gentle reminder that the experiences that are happening to us are really happening for us and if we can just lean into that pain, that discomfort of whatever we are feeling, we can really be transformed by it. We can also uncover what we want more of, what we will no longer allow, and what we will no longer tolerate in both our lives and in our professions.  It’s an opportunity to refocus on what values and hold true.

Show and Tell:

Dave:  Student and/or Staff Check-ins (Google Slides)

Erin:   Found in Transition 

So hopefully this episode felt supportive and helpful. We would love to hear about some of the clarity you have gleaned from these challenging times. We continue to wish you all the space and grace you need to remain in good health, body, mind and spirit. Friends, we‘ve got this!

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