Talkin' Bout My Jenn-eration - PC067

Jenn Cronk returns and she's taking names and kickin' Jeff!

Texthelp wants to see a world where difference, disability, or language are no longer barriers. Providing a range of technology solutions for teaching and learning - Texthelp helps to minimize teacher workload and maximize student outcomes.

Pandemic Binge (what have we been watching):

  • Jesse - Cobra Kai, Schitt’s Creek


  • Jeff -Grace and Frankie  (Netflix), My Next Guest Needs No Introduction/Dave Chappel, Ridiculousness, Food Network 

    Movies: The Photograph, 40 year Version, BeeGees, Social Dilemma, Soul, WW84, Save Yourselves, Trial of Chicago 8, Borat 2, The LoveBirds


  • Jenn- Cobra Kai, Outlander, NXIVM, Mandalorian


  • Donnie - Goodfellas, Tombstone, Jurassic park, all the star wars, and all the star wars again, my little pony, wild wild country

Something Useless Donnie Found Online:

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