PC Holiday Special 2020 Part 3 - PC066

Ken Shelton rings in the new year!

Texthelp wants to see a world where difference, disability, or language are no longer barriers. Providing a range of technology solutions for teaching and learning - Texthelp helps to minimize teacher workload and maximize student outcomes.

Liberated Educator Workshops (Feb/Mar 2021) Discount: partialcredit

Partial Credit Resolutions 2021

Donnie - continue with the self-care and keep on running; day 121 of my run streak today; being stuck at home has had its advantages; be more efficient at work: stop doing “school work” on the weekends; represent and speak on behalf of Kentucky teachers as KYTOY (starting with speaking before the House education committee next week).  

Jeff - Resolve to continue to reach unreachable kids / SDUSD’s Grading Policy Changes (Group discussion) sdusd grading policy

The gist of the new policy;

TK-12 standards-based grading policy:  Educators will 

-use multiple means to assess mastery

-includes opportunities for reflection, revision, and reassessment

-separate nonacademic factors from academic grade

Ken - Branding, Terminology, Performative Season, Equity, No return to what was

Jesse - If You Want To Be Fearless, Ask Yourself This Question Every Day by Brian Pennie “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”

Something Useless Donnie Found Online:

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