Cultivating a Sense of Belonging – Leading Out The Woods #20

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It’s Day 10 of the 12 Days of PodcastPD 2020 and AJ recommends a fellow Education Podcast Network podcast Leading Out The Woods hosted by Matthew Woods.

This podcast is dedicated to K-12 educators as Matthew Woods reflects on his experiences & best practices working in K-12 education as a former teacher & current administrator. New episodes are released bi-weekly on Fridays at 4 PM (excluding special bonus episodes). Subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes!

From Leading Out The Woods, “Episode #20: Dr. Strayhorn’s pioneering research on college students’ sense of belonging has informed state policy reform, transformed campus/school practices, and advanced theory and intervention testing. Dr. Strayhorn joins Matt to discuss his research, and provide steps to our listeners so they can cultivate a sense of belonging with their students in their classrooms.”

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