Claudio Zavala: Hearing from Your Learners with Adobe's Creativity Tools

Claudio and I talk about hearing from our students with tools that empower them to create. Specifically, Adobe's tools Spark Video, Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, Spark Post, Spark Page, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco, and Audition. Also, audience questions about sites to use for surprise inclement weather folders for elementary schoolers and a Google Sheets conundrum.

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  • Soapbox Moment: Tool Time with Jake the Tool Man Miller and Bryon Carpenter
  • Today’s Guest: Claudio Zavala, Jr.
  • 2 Truths & 1 Lie
  • Educational Duct Tape Question: How can I hear from all of my students?
    • “Everyone’s got a story to tell.”
    • “Whoever is doing the most talking is doing the most learning.”
    • Adobe tools
      • Video Tools
        • Premiere Pro - high-end video editing - paid
        • Premiere Rush - YouTuber and student-focused video editing
          • Windows, PC, Android, iOS, not Chrome - free available, but paid features available
          • Can edit Rush projects in Pro as well
        • Spark Video - all platforms except Android, free in education
        • Video tools from simpler to more complex - Spark Video → Premiere Rush → Premiere Pro
      • Visual Tools
      • Audio Tools
        • Audition - music, audio - GarageBand on steroids
      • Adobe Creative Cloud licensing gives students access to all of the products
      • YouTube
      • “Pocketful of creativity”
  • Celebration of the Adjacent Possible
    • Tristan Tolle (@TristanTolle) asked “What asynchronous activities/apps/websites would you suggest for elementary teachers to use for an inclement weather day folder?"
      • Wonderopolis where each day they answer the Wonder of the Day. There’s lots of fun exploring, learning, and wondering that can happen here.
      • Flipgrid Disco Library, tons of prompts from tons of sources, including Wonderopolis as well as Minecraft, the MET, Discovery Education, Epic, Lego, and a bunch more.
      • and
      • Scratch
      • Applied Digital Skills Curriculum
      • PBS Kids, National Geographic Kids
      • Google Arts and Culture
      • Virtual field trips (Ann Rad episode)
      • Prodigy, Dreambox
      • Just please, please, please, not CoolMathGames.
      • Books!
      • Drawing things!
      • Building things!
      • Have kids learn about something new and then report out on Flipgrid.
    • Ryan Canton, @TheSwish on Twitter: “On a list of email addresses (Ss that submitted a Form), and a 2nd list (main, all Ss email addresses)...what's the easiest way to compare the two to isolate/highlight Ss on the main list to see who hasn't submitted yet?”
      • Formula - =filter(A1:A,isna(match(A1:A,B1:B,0)))
      • Example
      • Jen Giffen
      • “Remove Duplicates” Add-On from Ablebits
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