Adrian Ridner:, Working Scholars Program, and Eliminating Education Barriers - 341

Adrian Ridner:, Working Scholars Program, and Eliminating Education Barriers. This is episode 341 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Adrian Ridner is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of and an industry leader in education technology.

He has created the leading online learning platform in the world — delivering a personalized learning experience to students and teachers from grade school through college and beyond. Adrian has spent the past two decades bringing together academic experts across all subjects, with the leading technologists and learning scientists to build the most innovative micro-learning platform with the sole purpose to eliminate the most common educational barriers and make education accessible.

Mr. Ridner has been committed to advancing personalized and engaging learning at scale for students of varying needs and diverse backgrounds to help level the playing field.'s short video lessons and online courses help students achieve their educational goals and degrees needed to unlock economic opportunities. 

As an Argentine immigrant, Adrian is particularly proud that helps students, teachers and parents in the U.S. and around the world. He gets excited about each learner that shares their personal story, from every corner of the globe, about how empowered them to achieve their education and career dreams.

In 2017, Adrian launched the Working Scholars® program as an accelerated pathway to a bachelor's degree offering flexibility, convenience and little to no student debt for working adults. The program has expanded nationally to dozens of cities, uplifting underserved communities one college graduate at a time. Adrian is very proud of the impact Working Scholars is having and humbled that it was named CA Non-Profit of the Year.

Adrian is on the board of Riecken Community Libraries. The Riecken Foundation has been promoting literacy and access to knowledge in Central America since 2000. Through their community libraries, the Foundation has brought books, newspapers, the Internet and other resources to over 60 small communities in Honduras and Guatemala.

He also serves as a board member for Cal Poly State University's Engineering & Computer Science advisory council where he has helped transform the curriculum to prepare graduates for their fast-changing technology careers. 

Adrian graduated from Cal Poly University with a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and teamed up with Co-founder Ben Wilson to self-fund — making education readily available and affordable for every student.

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