5 Things Most Teacher Candidates Do Wrong When Setting Up Their Digital Portfolio E107

Let's explore 5 common mistakes that are made on digital portfolios and how to fix them. We explored how to set up your digital portfolio, a plan to keep it updated, and organize it for a teaching interview. This episode is brought to you by my new self paced mini-workshop! This self-paced, hands-on, virtual mini-workshop is all about how you can get your digital portfolio up and running in one week or less! Start creating your digital portfolio today!

Show notes can be found: https://www.sfecich.com/post/5-things-most-teacher-candidates-do-wrong-when-setting-up-their-digital-portfolio

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from EduMagic: Future Teacher Podcast https://www.spreaker.com/user/sfecich/aaee-dp-episode

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