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  • Pam Hubler had a possible idea to answer a question in e124 using Wakelet to curate Google materials
  • Another possible answer to the same question from Stephanie Litz
    • Hello Matt and Kasey,
    • So thankful for your podcast, keep up the good work because your listeners appreciate it. 
    • Regarding the question from Marcel (below), I found this resource that might be a good fit: 
    • Cube For Teachers Website - Cube For Teachers is a place where educators search, share, and store links to free open educational K-12 resources, including lessons, activities, interactive games, teaching strategies, tech tips, videos, special education, subject-specific resources, and more.
    • Cube For Teachers - Chrome Web Store
    • @cubeforteachers 

Dr. Rebecca Kreider from Mt. Olivetownship school district, verbal feedback is 3x as effective. She recommends Mote.

Ditch Summit tips:

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