PC Holiday Special 2020 - PC064

New Mom and listener favorite Jessica Williams joins the show!

Texthelp wants to see a world where difference, disability, or language are no longer barriers. Providing a range of technology solutions for teaching and learning - Texthelp helps to minimize teacher workload and maximize student outcomes.

Segment 1: Education: Past - Present - Yet to Come

  • Jessica Williams Past - Vocabulary spelling quizzes; Overhead projector; cursive writing from my Catholic school days; “renting” the computer lab or the TV cart before a vacation
  • Present - Google Meet (lemme intro this assignment, leave the Meet. Stay if you have questions, but return to the Meet with 7 minutes left in class); blue light glasses; Peardeck + Jamboard;
  • Future - I would love to see students choosing a path of education that works best for them (like full remote, hybrid, etc.) and teachers cutting down on “busy work” (I’ve worked with a lot of departments + coaches this summer + fall on what needed to stick vs. what they enjoyed teaching

Segment 2: Partial Credit Holiday Tomatoes

Home Alone

Jesse - 95%

Jeff - 100%

Jessica - 92%

Donnie - 88%

Total 93.75

Something Useless Donnie Found Online:


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