PC Holiday Special 2020 Part 2 - PC065

Jim Sill returns to continue the holiday magic and... cancel Rudolph?

Texthelp wants to see a world where difference, disability, or language are no longer barriers. Providing a range of technology solutions for teaching and learning - Texthelp helps to minimize teacher workload and maximize student outcomes.

Segment 1: Education: Past - Present - Yet to Come

Jim Sill

  • Past - Choosing licks as punishment… Getting hit with a paddle
  • Present - Textbooks
  • Future - Do we need to go to school in person?

Segment 2: Partial Credit Holiday Tomatoes

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Jesse - 50%

Jeff - 80%

Jim - 73%

Donnie - 84%

Total 72%

Something Useless Donnie Found Online:

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