Overhauling Assessments with Natalie Vardabasso

Natalie Vardabasso, a true assessment innovator and host of the #Educrush Podcast speaks with me about how we can move way beyond tests, quizzes and other traditional paradigms of assessing students to find creative and authentic ways for students to express their knowledge, actually understanding where our students are at and how we can move them forward. This episode explores the bigger philosophy behind overhauling assessments including why we should be assessing for mastery and not grades, and also delivers lots of practical ideas to inspire you.

Special thanks to Natalie, who also co-wrote the fauxmercial, “Brain Snoop” with me, as well as, lent her voice talent. And, thank you to Eve Hirschman who co-wrote this episode’s The 5-Minute Game Show with me.

from Overthrowing Education https://overthrowingeducation.libsyn.com/overhauling-assessments-with-natalie-vardabasso

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