Conversations that count with Elena Aguilar – The Mindful Educators #47

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It’s Day 3 of the 12 Days of PodcastPD! Today’s recommendation comes from Stacey and her recommendation is episode 47 of The Mindful Educators Podcast.

Friends, if you’ve been following along sequentially and listening to our podcast you know we have gleaned and shared a lot of wisdom from the book Coaching for Equity: Conversations that Change Practice by Elena Aguilar.  Elena is a writer, coach, speaker, teacher, and leader. She has trained thousands of educators around the world to have conversations that count—conversations that help us create a more just and equitable world. We were lucky enough to sit down and have one of those conversations with her and we are super excited to share it with you. Listen in to this week’s episode of The Mindful Educators Podcast to hear Elena:

  • Identify the daily habits of emotionally resilient educators. 
  • Share strategies teachers can use to help their students thrive and honor their humanity
  • Define educational equity
  • Discuss how teachers should not be taking the brunt of all that is needed in education to achieve equity
  • Highlight the power of words and the language of oppression as it relates to teachers and classrooms.

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