Centner Academy with Nicole Rivera, principal of the elementary school - 338

Centner Academy (from the outside), Miami, Florida

Centner Academy (from the inside)

Nicole Rivera, principal, Centner Academy Elementary School

Nicole Rivera is the elementary school principal at the Centner Academy. She talks with me about the founders, focus, and goals of the Centner Academy located in Miami, Florida. This is episode 338 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and philanthropists David and Leila Centner, Centner Academy is a multicultural language immersion school dedicated to cultivating happiness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and well-being in children. The curriculum is focused on a unique blend of diverse academic paradigms supported by key pillars: language mastery, leadership, character, mindfulness, philanthropy and life skills.

“At Centner Academy, we’re striving for every child to start school happy and excited for the rest of the year,” said Leila Centner, Founder & CEO of Centner Academy. “A positive school climate and culture promotes students’ ability to learn and succeed in life. Our goal is to transform the heart of education to ensure happy, confident, compassionate, mindful, empathic and connected children through a more holistic approach to teaching that responds to social challenges.” 

Nicole Rivera is the elementary school principal at Centner Academy.

She is passionate about embedding social-emotional learning throughout the curriculum at all grade levels. In addition to the academic skills all students need, Nicole recognized early on that the landscape of education would need to shift significantly to prepare students properly for their futures. In a world where many traditional jobs are becoming automated, emotional intelligence and “soft” skills are more important now than ever. 

Nicole saw this need and created her own business, the Academic Tutoring Program to help students achieve academic success as well as confidence and emotional resilience. Nicole’s expertise has empowered many students. 

Nicole holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specific focus on Developmental Psychology from Florida International University and is a business owner.

The Centner Academy, based in Miami Florida, is the first happiness school in the U.S. It will implement a happiness and mindfulness curriculum for students in preschool to 8th grade.

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