Micki Boas - One in Five: How We are Fighting for Our Dyslexic Kids in a System that is Failing Them - 324

Micki Boas talks with us about her book - One in Five: How We are Fighting for Our Dyslexic Kids in a System that is Failing Them. This is episode 324 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Micki Boas is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur who has worked with a range of iconic brands, including NIKE, Samsung, the ACLU, the United Nations, and Fusion, to find bold, provocative solutions for broken systems. 

When Boas’ older son was diagnosed with dyslexia, ittook her four years of legal battles that drained her savings, battered her self-esteem, and pulled her family apart to find an education that fit his needs. 

As a result, she created Invisible Red Tape, a thought leadership forum and online advising platform designed to expose the inequalities in education for children with dyslexia, and crowdsource an insider’s guide to practical solutions.

A little about … One in Five: How We are Fighting For Our Dyslexic Kids in a System that is Failing Them…

One mom determined to get the best education for her dyslexic son, offers practical tips and advice for other parents navigating the public-school system.

Both a rallying cry and an invaluable resource, One in Five details the national education crisis as it impacts the one in five children who have dyslexia. Micki Boas, mother to two dyslexic sons, wrote this book because too many parents feel isolated and defeated in their efforts to secure an equal chance for their children.

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