225: Bonus Edition- James Sturtevant is Back!

James Sturtevant navigated thirty-four years in a public high school classroom. He now teaches Intro to Education and Assessment to future teachers at Muskingum University. He combines fearless experimentation with a willingness to learn from younger tech-savvy students and colleagues. He's authored three additional books that promote student engagement and bonding with kids. James hosts the Hacking Engagement Podcast, which provides educators with tips, tools, and tactics that teachers can utilize immediately. His blog posts have appeared in Principal Leadership, Edutopia, and HuffPost.

James is married to Penny Sturtevant, a fellow educator, and they live in Galena, Ohio. They have three children and two grandchildren. He relishes his role as a classroom teacher and works to keep his perspective fresh, authentic, enthusiastic, and relevant.


  • Create outstanding days.
  • This book is a sunrise book not a sunset book.
  • Welcome the prompt “Why do we have to learn this today?” Plan an outstanding response. 
  •  Your classroom is a remarkable, stable sanctuary. Recognize this anchor as a magnificent asset. 
  • Create awesome days and build better tomorrow. It's all a choice.
  • If you apply these ideas to your day you are going to evolve as a person and teacher.
  • When we are in front of kids the best way to show them that we value them is to point our feet towards them. Are you forward facing or are you already on the next step?
  • Am I engaging kids in a way that makes them want to hear more or learn more?
  • Hooks engage but they also bring in relevancy. Relevancy is essential.

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