Support Students with Google Sites - GTP121

Google News and Updates Featured Content

Google Form to serve as a contact form

FAQ document: If a student/parent asks a question, add it to the FAQ doc

Take pictures of a whiteboard and add to the student site

Include important documents (permission slips, syllabus, etc.)

Embed videos to support what you’re teaching in class

Use it as a “satellite location” for Google Classroom (for what it won’t do)

Host digital escape rooms

Create a page for resources and tutorials for STUDENTS, and one for PARENTS

Google Classroom Cheat Sheets - a great resource for students and parents

Google’s Teach from Anywhere page has lots of great resources you may want to make available.

Google’s Guide for Guardians

Google’s Accessibility Guide for Guardians

Post your virtual office hours on the home page, or add the time to your image header

HYBRID? Create separate pages for these two groups

Daily checklists - Use one Google Slide deck and add a new checklist to a new slide at the beginning each day. Then embed this on the homepage of your google site for parents, guardians, and students

Remote Learning Resources from Shake Up Learning

Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag
  • Sheryl Brennan (California) -- Back in the classroom. Exciting to implement tools she’s been teaching for seven years. Ep120: To-do widget in Google Classroom. Uses with her students to redirect if they ask what they’re supposed to be doing if they’re finished. If empty: “may do” list. Today: different views from inside the Classwork tab “view your work” widget.
  • Mary Lynn (Nevada) -- Back in a classroom. One student remotely. With Google Meet. Two cameras in the room. Other students in the room. One student in Google Meet all day with her. Feedback?
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