Maka Kartheiser - A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant - 319

Maka Kartheiser talks about her book - A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant. This is episode 319 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

A child of the dark years of the Soviet Union, Maka Kartheiser came to America in the 1990s. By 2004, she made the USA her permanent home and relocated her three boys to Chicago. For many years she felt torn between two continents seemingly worlds apart. 

How did she find her sense of place and purpose? What did she come to love about America? How does she find comfort in memories of the unique culture of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia?

Maka invites us into her life, to love, cry, fear, and hope alongside her in a new, poignant and touching book, 

A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant. 

It’s her fourth book, and it reveals life in the Soviet Union and America through the eyes of a courageous and inspiring woman.

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Length - 38:33


from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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