Jeremy Glauser - CEO & Founder of eLuma - Discusses Online Therapy (Teletherapy) - 316

Jeremy Glauser, the founder and CEO of eLuma, talks about and explains online therapy or teletherapy. This is episode 316 of Teaching Learning Leading K12. 

Jeremy Glauser is the founder and CEO of eLuma. With a background in education, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for helping people in need, he founded eLuma to help solve the growing shortage problems in special education. 

In doing so, the company has become the nation's leading teletherapy solution provider for K12 schools and districts.  

To date, the company has provided nearly one million hours of therapy (speech, school psych, OT, PT, and mental health/counseling services) to over 16,000 students throughout the United States.  He is experienced with high-impact accessible education using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in fully online environments


From eLuma’s website:

We believe blending online and onsite therapy can tremendously increase the quality of therapy in your special education program – even to the tune of increasing productivity by 10-15%, connecting your students with specialized and credentialed therapists, and staffing with great precision.  The districts we work with have realized thousands of dollars in savings, and we believe most districts have this same potential.  We don’t partner with districts who we don’t know for a fact will benefit from online therapy services and our blended solutions.  


eLuma was founded as VST (Virtual Solutions for Therapy) by a group of therapists and software engineers in September 2011.



eLuma is driven to help millions of people around the world change their lives for the better by facilitating easy access to affordable, high-quality and specialized online therapy services.


eLuma endeavors to fundamentally transform how therapy services are delivered by providing innovative technologies and high-quality therapy services at the greatest possible value.


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