A practice for teacher stamina and sustainability.

Last week on the podcast we discussed teacher stamina and whether teachers will be able to sustain the emotional, mental and physical energy that teaching remote, hybrid or in person takes and it seemed to hit home with a lot of people. 

So this week, in an effort to support ourselves and our community, we are sharing a small practice, one we are personally working on to help in the stamina and sustainability department. 

The practice of making one small promise to yourself, shared by Dr. Nicole LePera, a holistic psychologist is a small and a powerful shift to connecting with ourselves. We think this supportive practice will be very impactful for educators right now as we are all  being asked to care for so many people and do so much outside of our own needs. 

Show and Tell:

Dave: Cobra Kai on Netflix

Erin: Triloka Maui Rose Incense sticks

So hopefully this episode felt supportive and helpful. We would love to hear about what kind of promises you are making to yourself this year. We are wishing you all the space and grace you need to remain in good health, body, mind and spirit. Friends, we‘ve got this!

And lastly, If you are looking to build resilience this year and are interested in our Bite Sized PD offerings discussed on our podcast, please register at https://www.themindfuleducators.com or shoot over to our website @themindfuleducators.com to find the details and sign up. 

We will gladly follow up with an email with details for access to the PD as well as the SEL PDF’s for use in the classroom.

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Mic for classroom use

Dr. Nicole LePera


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