Liam D. Auliciems: Australia,Teaching, Teacher Support, and Issues with EduBusiness, parts 1 and 2 - Episode 310


Liam D. Auliciems talks with me about life in Australia, teaching, teacher support and issues with edubusiness. This is episode 310 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Liam D. Auliciems is an education entrepreneur, registered teacher, postgrad Masters student and academic researcher from Australia. 

After seeing first-hand the dismal state of affairs of beginning teachers across the world, Liam co-founded PRAC-E to help find a solution to the ‘teacher drought’. 

PRAC-E has hosted several 'PRAC-E Symposiums' and teacher panels, and have created regular digital media to support beginning teachers. Through PRAC-E's work, Liam has been the subject of a nationwide story on the ABC News, as well as being a special guest on several Education Podcasts in Australia and the United States. 

Liam's most recent goal is to aid teachers wanting to start their own media channels, professional development training program or 'edu-business'. This unregulated business world can be scary and unforgiving for teachers, as he found out during PRAC-E's growth. Liam hopes to be an agent of change in the educational sphere, and continue to challenge traditional ideas.

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