222: The Best and Worst of Times

In March of 2020 our lives were altered and changed. While we thought most of the changes were temporary, we are now living in a different time. Just because change has happened doesn't mean all that comes with COVID-19 is bad. You can choose to see the golden moments that are sprinkled in our new reality without comparison to the past. Tune in to hear Gretchen discuss how to see the best in the worst of times.


  • We have to accept reality for what it is and then make it the best it can be without comparison to the new normal.
  • Choose to trust that there is a golden moment and to only see and feel the goodness in it.
  • Train your mind to filter what it focuses on.
  • Staying in the memory of the past hurts your progress and your potential and you are better than that.
  • Choose to make the worst of times into the best of times by seeing the golden moments sprinkled throughout it.
  • Sometimes the breaking down and distraction from our normal becomes the best thing that happens to us.

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