218: Bonus Edition- Interview with Nita Creekmore

Nita Creekmore is a wife and mother to four children. She has been in education for 16 years. She was in the classroom for 13 years as an elementary school teacher. She has taught four years in first grade, seven years in second grade, a little in third grade and two years in fifth grade. The bulk of her teaching career was in the state of Virginia and the rest in Georgia, where she now resides. Her 13 years of being in the classroom has taught her a lot about authentic teaching, being a life-long learner and the importance of hands-on learning. Nita Creekmore is now an Elementary Instructional Coach and supports teachers in grades PreK-5th grade.


  • Relationships are everything. One word or one negative conversation can break down that relationship so it is important to be very cognizant of your conversations.
  • The great educators are the ones who seek out the learning that they want.
  • We are all doing what is best for students right now, regardless of what your best is.
  • I let teachers know I am a resource and if I don’t know something, I will find it. I will find it for you and we will work through this together.

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