Getting Unstuck: Educators Leading Change Joins the EPN

Getting Unstuck: Educators Leading Change is the newest podcast to join the Education Podcast Network as of July 2020.

We're excited to offer a podcast that covers such an important area of education.

About Getting Unstuck

Innovation catalyst Kirsten Richert, and career and leadership coach Jeff Ikler help leaders and schools think differently about change. They look broadly at change in education and ask:

• Who is leading it?
• What are they trying to accomplish on behalf of their students and why?
• What obstacles are they encountering and overcoming?

They’re intensely interested in who is trying to move education from its current and traditional “normal” toward something that is more meaningful for students facing the 21st (and 22nd!) century.

We hear from practitioners inside schools and from thought leaders outside of schools.

Through these podcast episodes, they will expose listeners to innovative tools and experienced thought-leaders to help them get unstuck and move toward their desired goals.

Connect with Jeff Ikler, Kirsten Richert, and the podcast on social media:

If you are a loyal listener of the show we invite you to check out all of our Education Podcast Network podcasts.

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