Go beyond your limits. Your students will thank you for it later -Rebecca Gibboney E57

Happy teacher appreciation week 2020! To celebrate all of you and to show ya how much I appreciate you, I will be posting one episode of the podcast each day this week May 4th - 8th. To start us off I have Becky Giboney on the show today. Becky is an education advocate, passionate change agent, and instiller of hope. She is a curriculum Specialist @blastIU17, author of #tiebreakerEDU published by @edumatchbooks and a #KTI '17 star! During our conversation, she shares her teaching story, best tips from student teaching, advice for preservice teachers, and more! Show notes can be found here: https://www.sfecich.com/post/go-beyond-your-limits-your-students-will-thank-you-for-it-later-featuring-rebecca-gibboney

from EduMagic https://www.spreaker.com/user/sfecich/e57-bg

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