Get Inspired and Innovate Joins the Education Podcast Network

Get Inspired and Innovate is the newest podcast to join the Education Podcast Network as of May 2020.

We're excited to offer a podcast that covers such an important area of education.

About Get Inspired and Innovate

Get inspired and Innovate is a podcast that will inspire educators to be innovative in the classroom. We will be interviewing Googlers (Google Certified Educator Level 1, Google Certified Educator Level 2, Google Certified Trainers, Google Certified Innovators) to get their tips, tools, and tricks to engage students in the classroom. We will also be discussing with our Googlers their certification process and the opportunities that it has provided them for growth.

Stephanie Howell has been working in Pickerington Schools since 2014. She is currently the Middle School Instructional Technology Coordinator for Pickerington Schools. She has also taught special education in 5th grade at Diley Middle School. She has worked previously to Pickerington as an Independent Provider for individuals with Special Needs and as a One-On-One Aide at Forest Rose School. She has volunteered and worked in the Special Education field since 2006. She enjoys working with staff and students to increase the use of instructional technology. Stephanie has spoken at conferences such as the PLSD Innovation conference, ISTE, ITIP, and OETC and her most recent achievements are being apart of the team named ISTE’s Distinguished District, a Google Innovator, and PLSD’s Innovative Leader award. Stephanie has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership.

Lance Key is the Instructional Technology Specialist and has taught all math classes 6th Grade math to AP Calculus. He has a B.S. Degree in math from Middle Tennessee State University and a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning from Cumberland University. He has taught mathematics for 12 years and has been using the blended/flipped model in his classroom for the past 9 years. Key has also supervised the online learning for the past 6 years at Cookeville High School and is a District Administrator for Google and Compass Learning for Putnam County. Key has been charged with developing the instructional technology for Putnam County Schools. He specializes in helping teachers incorporate technology in their classroom and was selected as the 2016 - 2017 VITAL Teacher of the Year. Key’s Certifications: Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified Innovator, Edulastic Innovator, Nearpod Certified, CK-12 Certified Educator, Book Creator Ambassador, Read & Write Certified, & a Kami Hero. Lance has spoken at conferences such as ISTE, FETC, iNacol, DLAC, KySTE, NCTIES, ICE, METC, TETC, and TNLead.

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